Welcome - I'm a forensic computing and security student at Bournemouth University. I am currently in my final year, having recently finished my placement year at Netcraft, in Bath. This site is for holding the various projects I've started, finished, or been involved with.


Mass Email Manager

The Mass Email Manager was a project for Cirencester College. I took the project to go towards my EPQ and Computing A2 level.

The software is a PHP web app which provides an interface for the administrator to add/remove lists of email addresses. These can then be used by normal system users to select a list of people to send an email to.

A full feature list can be found in the README.

LoU Bot (MBot)

LoU Bot is a chatbot that is part of the set of tools (LoU Tools) designed for the EA/Phenomic game, Lord of Ultima.

The bot is similar in function to an IRC bot. It is also designed to be flexible in the commands that can be added. The bot fully complies with the rules for 3rd party tools.

Details and setup information can be found in the README.



This was my first attempt at learning Python. I set the target of creating a simple command line script to retrieve info about the user's favourite TV programs and outputting schedules/information about them.


LoU Tools (Overview)

LoU Tools was an open-source PHP web application providing tools to assist gameplay for the EA/Phenomic game, Lord of Ultima. The development process was done with communication with the game developers to make sure that it doesn't break any rules.

The alpha version of the project was originally written by me, with more developers joining the team as the project progressed. Unfortunately developers (including myself) left the team as the game became less popular (and the summer came to an end), so now it is no longer under active development.


Downloads are available from the Google Code page. I'd recommend checking out the SVN repository instead of downloading the source code from the downloads page, as the gzipped download can get out of date.